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Nutrient-rich Rice Bran Oil For A Healthy You

Posted by Admin on December, 21, 2020

Rice bran oil is extracted from the outer layer of the rice kernel. Rich in vitamins, minerals and heart-friendly fats, rice bran oil is considered as one of the healthiest alternatives to regular vegetable oil, ghee.


Rice bran oil has a characteristic dark yellow colour and a mild earthy, nutty flavour. It has a high smoothing point 32 °C (450 °F) which makes it suitable for high-temperature cooking like deep frying, baking. Rice bran oil is very light; hence, foods cooked with it can absorb up to 15- 20% less oil. Widely used as healthy cooking oil in Asian countries like India, China, Japan, rice bran oil is acclaimed for its amazing nutritional properties and many health benefits.

Health benefits:

Rice bran oil is enriched with good fats (poly-mono saturated fats) and vitamin E and K. Inculcating rice bran oil in your daily cooking can give you an incredible list of health advantages.

Due to its high concentration of vitamin E and natural antioxidants like oryzanol, it might help lower cholesterol level.

• It can help to lower blood pressure.

• It contains natural antioxidants that may boost your metabolic rate.

• It may help in reducing the effects of menopause

• Rinsing your mouth with this oil can help ward off foul breath

• By lowering the level of LDL it keeps the heart in good condition and promotes cardiovascular health

• Rich in vitamin E, it may help to boost your immunity

• It can relieve hot flashes

• It works as a natural moisturizer and makes skin supple

• It less viscous and does not stick to food.

• It has anti-cancerous properties

Offering quality tested range of rice bran oil at highly competitive rates, the suppliers of this hart friendly oil in Haryana has established a strong foothold in the market nationwide. Their offered range of FSSAI certified rice bran oil is free from preservatives and has a shelf life of one year. Following are some of the important factors that the rice bran oil suppliers in Haryana consider to retain their position in the market.

• The suppliers ensure that the oil is extracted from rice bran kernels using advanced technology and processed in a controlled environment in compliance with the industry guidelines for quality.

• They offer an excellent range of this healthy oil that is pure and free from artificial colour, preservatives.

• They offer multiple, high-grade packaging options as per the specific requirement of customers.

• They examine every batch of their offered range of oil on some present parameters to ensure the best quality product is delivered to the customers.

• They ensure on-time delivery and serve the clients need with the best of our ability.

• They always maintain transparency in all their transactions and direct all their activities to cater to the expectations of their customers.

• Backed by a strong team, great infrastructure and wide networks the suppliers are well equipped to suffice the demand for rice bran oil in the market.

With an array of health advantages, rice bran oil makes one of the best cooking oils for every house hold.

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